Saturday, June 29, 2013

The fourth reason

The fourth reason

Dalrock considers why conservatives instinctively turn to big government to fix the marriage strike:
So what makes marriage different to conservatives?  Why instead of pushing to remove the built in incentives for women to legally abuse marriage and the uncompensated risks men take in marrying, do so many conservatives reflexively dismiss the need for reform and passionately respond with bizarre and incomprehensible arguments and calls to duty and patriotism? (H/T SlargTarg)

There are three main reasons for this:

    They are responding emotionally and reflexively to the term marriage strike.
    They have been suckered into the role of enabling feminists.
    They are invested in the current corrupt model of marriage.
Allow me to suggest a fourth reason: most conservatives don't understand the difference betw een Marriage 1.0 and Marriage 2.0, which is a little ironic given that the Supreme Court has now created Marriage 3.0.  Which, I suppose, will make the inevitable legalization of polygamy Marriage 3.11. Alpha Game

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