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World Ranking Princeton University

World Ranking Princeton University

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Princeton University is one of the best universities in the world, held 6 th place in 2012-13, and in large denganreputasi universities, Princeton held on 7th with rank 36 2, the overall score.
12.0pt; line-height: 115% mso-bidi-font- size: 11.0pt "> this university was founded in 1746 as the New ElizabethCollege Jersey is one of the nine colonial schools founded before the American Revolution, and also the 4th carteraninstitusi higher education in the American colonies Mempunyaitelah University moved to three points, the first is Elizabeth, where itudidirikan University, the second is Newark, where University moved to 1747 and currently ketigasatu New Jersey, where the university moved to 1756
old name was the University College of New Jersey, but after he changed his name at the University tinggidari New Jersey to Princeton University in 1996 Princeton University now offers undergraduate instruction and human pa scasarjanadi the social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. Itutidak have schools of medicine, law, theology, or business, but not by professional menawarkangelar
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  • Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs <. / b>
  • The School of Engineering and Applied Scien ce at Princeton University
  • School of Architecture
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The institution has a relationship with the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Theological Seminary, an d Westminster Choir College in Princeton RiderUniversity has been associated with 35 Nobel laureates, 17 NasionalMedal Winners of science, and three national winners human medals. Padabasis per student, Princeton has the largest university endowment in the world.

    The President is Christopher L. Eisgruber The academic staff of around 1,172 Staff admin style = on 1103 style = Princeton UK Student 7567 is 5,113 is 2479 The university was founded in 1746. Princeton University is a private style =" colour: red "> The University endowment was 16.954 billion dollars in 2012 . united Princeton located in Princeton, New Jersey, United States style =" color: red; "> Prince ton University campus in the suburbs, 500 acres (2 km2 0)
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SarjanaProg ram:

style = "font-Ukuran: besar; "> AB (Bachelor of Arts):
AB degree are encouraged to develop curricula in response to the aspirations and personal interests. Each student's study program includes a combination of courses that meet general education and ministry, and a substantial independent work during the junior and senior years.

style =" font-size: besar "> BSE (Bachelor of Science in Engineering):

students enroll in four courses for the first term of the first year and four or five courses each term success, follo w the order in accordance with their respective programs. educational requirements for B.S.E. studies of at least 36 to four years of study. Students, juniors and seniors must complete at least four in each period, with a minimum of 17 programs with the beginning of 26 junior and senior programs with the beginning of the year.

Graduate Program:
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.):
Ph.D. is a research degree and the highest level offered by the University. All departments and schools offer admission to the program leading to the Ph.D. In some cases, the sentence Interdepartmental PhD through participating departments

Degree Master:.
University Award after the end of the business license:

  • teachers"> Engineering
  • Teachers
  • Finance (M.Fin.)
  • teachers "> Bachelor of Science in Engineering (MSE)
  • , Master of Science in Chemistry (MS)
  • style = ; . Master of Public Affairs (MPA) Master of Public Policy (MPP)

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