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Unitersity of Stanford

Unitersity of Stanford

Stanford University is located in the United States, North America.The University held the second largest in the world in 2012-2013.its overall score was 93.7%, 95.0% Score teaches perspective International 56.6%, revenues of close to about 62.4% industry, research prioritized and specifications on all the above was 98.8% and 99.3% in the massacre in the quote.

railroad tycoon Leland Stanford in memory of his son founded the university in 1891.
son Leland Stanford died 16 years after Harvard and Stanford said the United States the most selective universities in the world.
this is the third world's richest university, teaches approximately 7000 undergraduates and 4000.

    Stanford U niversity motto "Die Luft der Freiheit tune" in German , which means in English is "the wind of freedom blows" founded in 1891 and is a private university.endowment around 5:04 p.m. we pitched billion.its president is John. L.Hennessy and Provost John Etchemendy.T academic staff is about 1995 .
  • students of this university is the place where students are 15,870 and 6,999 graduate students is 8871.
  • Being located in Stanford, California, United States
  • In the entire Stanford campus is 8180 acres of suburban
  • is cardinal and white . including NCAA Division (FBS), the Pac-12 . The nickname Cardinals Sta nford University cardinals is www.stanford . edu.

university is organized into seven schools including academic schools of Humanities and Sciences and Earth Professional Business schools, education, engineering, law and medicine.

Administration and organization:
Stanford University is a tax-exempt company owned and run by a board of 35 members appointed private fiduciary trust. Term monitoring of five years, no more than two consecutive terms, and has met five times annually.A new directors elected by the other trustees vote. The Stanford trustees also oversee the Stanford Research Park, the Stanford Shopping Center, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University Medical Center, and many associated medical facilities, including the Lucile Packard Children 's Hospital.

Board appoints the President to serve as Chief Executive Officer and Professor import prescribed course of study university, manage financial and business affairs, and appoint nine vice presidents.John L. Hennessy was appointed the 10th president in October 2000.The University Provost is the chief scientific officer and the budget, which the deans of each report of seven schools. Provost John Etchemendy was named September 12, 2000.
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current Stanford graduate community include:

152 members of the National Academy of Sciences.
95 members of the National Academy of Engineering.
66 members of the Institute of Medicine.
268 members of the American Academy of Arts and Science s.
18 recipient of the National Medal of Science.
2 recipient of the National Medal of Technology.
three recipients of the Medal human.
Nasional51 member of the American Philosophical Society.

4 Pulitzer Prize winners
7 Wolf Foundation Prize 6 price Koret Foundation 2 ACL Lifetime Achievement Award
3 Presidential Medal of Freedom winners

Stanford University Libraries:
university library and academic information resources (SULAR) has a collection of nearly 9 million volumes, 260,000 rare or special books.

which includes 1.5 million eBooks,
1.5 million audiovisual materials, 75,000 serial />
6 million micro forms of property,

and many ot her digital resources to make the university one of the largest academic libraries and most diverse in the world.
Stanford University held Note 2 in the world in 2012-2013

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