Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Stop the stupid stuff" in your business

"Stop the stupid stuff" in your business

We live in a world of change. Shift Happens! Competitors come from all over the world, which means that many U.S. companies are struggling.

Many options are courses that may be contrary to any logic of good company and retain the buyer.

Most organizations ad is usually an exercise to determine what to do to get existing and potential customers to spend more money with them.

I suggest that instead fascinated by what to do, figure out what to stop doing. In other words, stop doing "stupid things."

Do not do stupid things is finding out what prevents the client to spend money with you and make sure that the movement or response does not mean that to happen again.

This is an example of what I called "stupid." Some airlines now want to charge customers who wish to contact an agent.

This is nonsense in two ways. First, they chose to penalize customers who want to continue to do what they always have - one-on-one attention. Worse, they have accomplished this by saying they may charge extra for this phase before normal service. How likely they will lose because of this decision? I know at least one.

There are more subtle, but no less damaging, stupid things businesses should stop doing.

Take, for example, the new Wheaties box. Mills are normally not too long container Wheaties presented with a picture of the U.S. Olympic gold medalist. Less: Paul Hamm. Why

This is a common response to the question of my Mills:

"Selecting a Wheaties Champion ever there was a simple process, especially when we saw so many excellent performances by So However, many athletes championship not only the potential to meet all the champions of the Wheaties box. "
They left the first U.S. man to win the Olympic all-around gymna stics championship in one of the largest returns of sport? Back to the prevention of disasters almost too perfect bar routine and received almost universal praise for many of us, described "champion." Said

But there is controversy. As most of you know, a South Korean gymnast claimed that the value of the pointing error of gold and he appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport folder. The Court has recently dominated Hamm which may contain gold.

Although the medal was disputed, it was not because of something Hamm did or did not do. However, normal Mills decided to make a "safe" thing. But with the protection and leave Hamm, thousands and thousands of consumers who have not seen the controversial exiled Wheaties, but as a hero, and in the process lose perspective. Now it is "nonsense."

So start to stop! Stop saying "No" and start using the word "Yes." Stop charging for suppliers that almost all of us think freely.

Fi nd what exasperates, hinder or confuse your prospects disorder and stop

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