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The importance of respect

The importance of respect

If you do not show respect and loyalty to Alpha, we wash our hands without thinking twice
Charles Saatchi announced he was divorcing Nigella Lawson. The multi-millionaire art collector, 70, said he took a "heartbreaking" decision to formally share his wife for 10 years because he refused to defend his reputation after he was seen Scott enter the restaurant outside London
He told the Mail on Sunday: "I regret to announce that Nigella Lawson and I are getting a divorce

" I felt that I had obviously been disappointing over Nigella. the past year, and disappointed that I was advised not to make public comments to clarify that I hate violence against women, and never physically abused in any way. "

Mr. Saatchi says in the document have not talked to him since the photos were published.
There are a number of game elements that relate to storie s Saatchi. First, a statement of the bone between couples is that the husband did not want the daughter in the house. while some people are able to be the stepfather, many do not, which is the source of many horrible crimes against children whose mothers chose wrong, one way or another, when it comes to their ancestors.

Second, although public designated "victim" of history, Lawson is not the one who decides to end the marriage. Saatchi, a master of PR, knew that it was necessary to take a wrist slap from the police, he did not hesitate to do to bring this matter to a speedy close. But Lawson, instead of its role and present a united front to the media, are more concerned about how it will turn to his friends and the public if he does not play the victim abused him on the poor reputation her husband.

In short, it clearly shows his loyalty lies not with him, but his public image. It is one thing for a woman married to an ALPHA can really do. ALPHA always knew she had a choice, and in the absence of the only thing that really requires respect, he will not hesitate to exercise. When a woman shows loyalty somehow, some Alpha tends to forgive or forget.

And what is true of Alpha is also true in a number of small, men of lower rank. Lawson seems miscalculated and did not know how important reputation is Saatchi. This is not the first woman to make a mistake like that and it probably will not be the last

UPDATE:. Yeah, like I said, Alpha
A friend told the Mail: "Nigella absolutely overwhelmed and surprised by the statement. he would do something like that when there are children to consider surprising her. Charles is looking for himself and his feelings as the most important part of the equation. It's really an incredible behavior.

He added: "Nigella find the idea that he did not assist in the ridiculous picture what she meant that he almost had a n ervous breakdown with stress he was under

.?. "Nigella trying to protect to say anything in public. was very difficult for him because he hoped all the time that they could reconcile and put behind them, but he never apologized in private and in public, and make little effort to even talk to him. And then came that shows how much he cares about the reputation of what it done. "

Some suspect that, despite his tribute to his" beautiful woman ", the" most beautiful woman in the world, he may have eyes on new conquest. That, at least, could explain why it has not taken care to put the marriage back together. True or not, the possibility of many glasses of champagne was broadcast on public events last week, including the Serpentine Summer party and the public party. This may explain why the Saatchi make this public scandal so sad in stride.
Keep in mind that instead of Alpha regarding sexual rights in the moral hierarchy, not social, is con sidered a socially desirable behavior, or public approval.

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