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Why female society will fail

Why female society will fail

The imperative woman too exclusive to allow sufficient VP of social cohesion readers in China
An interesting experience - I decided to test the idea that a woman who works Vox is bad for society. and relations between the sexes in general. I can get away with a little sociological experiment from time to time because I am a teacher [deleted] in China. I teach high school boys and girls. The sample size here is about 12 girls and 9 boys. Recently, we had a "girls' day" here in the People's Republic of China and today about 10 hours, I took a bunch of snacks and drinks in the classroom. Teenagers are always hungry when I left, I broke a full attention. As it was a woman, I think snacks and drinks in the main table and let the kids choose first. Ingredient here is the envelope flavored meat, chicken feet (a favorite here), and various and sundry other things. The girl took the first - one ba g each and a drink. They naturally took the best stuff on the first part and the kids get what remains. An interesting thing happened.

The girls refused to share anything but has the two most popular boys in the class. As nearly free travel between the dining table as they want in the bag that girls have on their desktop. Less popular children either do not try or expressly rejected in a way that was not very nice. Best food here go to two boys (and one in particular) that dominate the social scene, while the remaining seven sitting with their bags of desired food down.

Two days later, the same class, I declare the day of the child and snack breaks again, roughly the same mix as before. This time, however, I let the children choose the first and the same as before, the first crew took the best thing to leave the dregs for the rest. However, after all the girls distributed, they all, visiting and trapped near the children in the best snacks. As a b oy who came first is random, it is not two of the most popular first choice. But overall there is a greater amount of mixing, the social scene is much the same for boys and girls, and what's more, everyone had to eat some of the best food. Even the boy gamma / delta / omega attracts the attention of women and start acting a little more confident. They have something that girls * want * the structure of the inverted power and make the girls better than the Prowler bitchiness observed met two days earlier. There are many fewer fractures (including girls involved in the day when they have food women and boys who want something less popular) and there slamming fun as dangerous. Even the ugly girl gets the good part of it, in contrast to the experience of children. I can easily express the happiness of the whole class today, so when the girls first choice. In other words, when girls have the power - they are not very good and the whole class suffered. Nothing is close to the park , and the majority of super boy abandoned to something productive, unless you consider sitting alone angry.

productive if I know it is almost equivalent to the real actual experience with the controls, a white blouse, etc., it was very interesting to see this game in microphone. I do not think it is hard to imagine that something similar to what happens in the outside world at all times. Let your child choose their first and naturally and happily give to children. It requires no encouragement or incentive. Let the kids have their strengths and naturally cover all but the most popular kids, leaving the rest to be alone. Everyone is much happier too.
that, writ large, is exactly what we are seeing the development of West you ever wondered how polygamy was established in the Middle East following the instructions.? It was not because of men, is that women . Remember, this is not the woman who was driving monogamy in the West, but the Catholic Church.

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