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American University of Paris

American University of Paris

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University AUP It is located in Paris, France, near the Eiffel Tower seventh wonder. UPA generally referees American University of Paris, AUP is the art and science university. If students want to graduate from university AUP, he must learn and be comfortable speaking French, it is a request of UPA university if you can not speak French, or you have not mastering the French language, you may not be allowed to graduation by the American University of Paris. Well AUP depth instruction in English, but despite this it is imperative that students have a command of the first French before you go to graduation.

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  • American University of Paris was founded in 1962
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  • AUP academic staff is about 105
  • student at AUP is 1000 UPA's official website www.

Each year, AFS has sponsored more than 200 conferences and seminars with the aim of providing a wide array of topics for students, which is the best thing for any university, they sponsor conferences and seminars to help students knowledge of their field Many international conferences have been organized by the UPA, and the university asked around more than a thousand researchers, including Gary Becker, Nobel Prize in Economics in 1992 and Michel Rocard, former Prime Minister of France.

AUP offers 10 major areas in the undergraduate program to the extent that I learned AUP

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AUP offers 9 main subject in the graduate program
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