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Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Imperial College London, whose motto is" Knowledge is jewels and royal protection, "Imperial College is at number 8 on the list of world university rankings. The college takes the 8th place in 2012-13 ranked universities in the world competition, and ranked 14th in the world holds the reputation overall with a score of 21.3. Imperial College is a public research university, founded in July 8, 1907. Imperial is located in London, United Kingdom.
Imperial College is alive 79.1 pounds in 2012, the staff of the administration of the university is about 7,170, and the empire are 13,410 students, 83,450 students students, graduate students and about 5,060 students.
Imperial Oil is one of the most selective universities in the United Kingdom. Fro m 1999 to 2009 (the date of all records available online), the overall acceptance rate of Imperial College programs has been consistently below 20%, and in 2009, the level of acceptance from the university for students is 15.3%. acceptance rate for postgraduate courses was 19.5%.
    Administrator Imperial College. Approximately 7170 employees. Imperial College students around 13,410. who among them 8,350 undergraduates. 5060 graduate students. Imperial College Founded in July 8, 1907. Imperial is a public college .
  • college endowment is £ 79.1 million (31 July 2012)
  • .
  • location Imperial College in London, England
  • College Campus is Urban.

main campus of the empire in the South Kensington area of ​​London which is the center. It is located in the South Kensington area known as Albertopolis which has a high concentration of cultural and academic institutions, including the Natural History Museum

    Science Museum. Victoria and Albert Museum .
  • Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Royal College of Art Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Albert Hall

. South Kensington absorbing the site of the former Imperial Institute in 1960, designed by Thomas Collcutt, which is only 287 feet (87 m) tower Queen remains high among the more modern buildings.
There are two other main campus of Imperial College London, Silwood Park (near Ascot, Berkshire) and at Wye (near Ashford in Kent). Wye campus is currently vacant and available for sale or lease.
There are hospitals throughout Greater London Imperial College NHS Trust, and numerous lectures to medical students performed in a hospital listed below. What is the best opportunity for each student to attend college at the hospital said Imperial College and gain more knowledge about his / her field
    St. Mary's Hospital. Charing Cross Hospital. > Hospital North-wick. St. Mark's Hospital Hammer smith Hospital. >

Imperial College London Photos

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American University of Paris

American University of Paris

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University AUP It is located in Paris, France, near the Eiffel Tower seventh wonder. UPA generally referees American University of Paris, AUP is the art and science university. If students want to graduate from university AUP, he must learn and be comfortable speaking French, it is a request of UPA university if you can not speak French, or you have not mastering the French language, you may not be allowed to graduation by the American University of Paris. Well AUP depth instruction in English, but despite this it is imperative that students have a command of the first French before you go to graduation.

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  • "> AUP President Celeste Schenck is
  • American University of Paris was founded in 1962
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  • AUP academic staff is about 105
  • student at AUP is 1000 UPA's official website www.

Each year, AFS has sponsored more than 200 conferences and seminars with the aim of providing a wide array of topics for students, which is the best thing for any university, they sponsor conferences and seminars to help students knowledge of their field Many international conferences have been organized by the UPA, and the university asked around more than a thousand researchers, including Gary Becker, Nobel Prize in Economics in 1992 and Michel Rocard, former Prime Minister of France.

AUP offers 10 major areas in the undergraduate program to the extent that I learned AUP

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AUP offers 9 main subject in the graduate program
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7 Killed as Petrol tanker, Trailers Crash in Onitsha (PHOTO)

7 Killed as Petrol tanker, Trailers Crash in Onitsha (PHOTO)

Seven people were crushed to death Iweka axis in the commercial city of Onitsha when a gasoline tanker truck, a truck belonging to Dangote Group and other containers carrying falls 40 feet in the city.
Saturday Sun realized that the first tanker with registration number XG 613 AKR failed to brake against the Toronto along Asaba-Onitsha Expressway hospital destroy people, especially motorists along the area High Iweka never busy.
However, as the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC still busy evacuating the corpses, a tractor-trailer carrying 40-foot containers with the registration number XA353 GGU and another trailer carrying cement Dangote also failed Brake an d destroyed other road users.
The first incident killed two men and a woman who was returning home after a day's work
while the second and third incidents killed a commercial motorcyclist and his passenger were tortured beyond recognition.
In his experience, which survived the second accident in a vehicle with registration number DL486ENU who claimed anonymity said miraculously escaped the loss of trailer brake and busy destroying their victims of Toronto hospital in Upper Iweka foot overview.
"I came back to my office, a lawyer, when I arrived at the High Iweka, I saw a terrible traffic jam, I think that a tanker-truck brakes failed and ruined the people region. I also see that vehicles parked on the street, when suddenly I was in a jam, I heard a terrible noise, before I could know what was happening, two trailers carrying containers and cement lost brakes and began to destroy the "
He also said:" I can not get out of my car because I love people watching until I heard a big explosion and I 'I thought I was dead, it was the people who came and took me out, but so far I can not really say what really happened to me, but everyone who saw me out of the car told me to give thanks to my God "
Another witness who gave his name Dozie Okonkwo, a bus driver said that the only woman who died in incident was a daily collector of money that has been closed for the day and was on his way back to his home in Old Road,
"It is time to get into our bus, I told him that the price of N70, he jumped because he wanted a quite expensive, not long ago, it came to pass, when we rush, it was destroyed, his body is destroyed, it only fabric that some people used to recognize the meat is distributed across "
But first, a tanker is said to come from a gas station service where it was distributed products in the commercial city of Onitsha and was on his way to Port Harcourt when the driver had lost control of the vehicle, slid off the road and people were destroyed.
Onitsha Unit Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Mr. Anthony Meta could not comment on the incident because he refused to take his calls. An officer who does not want his name in print confirmed the incident and said he personally led his team to remove the body to the morgue and took the injured to the Toronto Hospital for medical care.

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

"0" border = width = height = The California Institute of Technology is also known as Caltech.
which is located in Pasadena, California, USA, and is a private research university.
Caltech focus very science and engineering and has six academic divisions.
124 acres (50 ha) main campus is located about 11 miles (18 km) northeast of downtown Los Angeles.Despite small size, 31 Caltech alumni and faculty have won a total of 32 Nobel laureate Linus Pauling which is the only person in history to win two unshared
Caltech ranked first in the 2012-2013 Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the second consecutive year prices, and ranked first in Engineering & Technology and also has a physical Sciences.It longstanding rivalry with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT
Freshmen are requir ed to live on campus and 95% of students remain on campus in the system. Although Caltech has a strong tradition of practical jokes and life pranks.Student governed by a code of honor which allows faculty to assign exams to take. The Caltech Beavers compete in 13 sports through the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference of NCAA Division III.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory JPL is a federal research and development center established FFRDC is owned by NASA and operated as a division of Caltech through a contract between NASA and Caltech. In 2008, JPL spend over $ 1.6 billion in research and development and employs more than 5,000 JPL Director employees.The related to the project and serves as carrier of Caltech Vice President and is responsible to the President of the Institute of laboratory management.

Caltech begins as a vocational school founded i n Pasadena in 1891 by local businessman and politician Amos G. Throop. The school was known successively Throop University, Throop Polytechnic Institute (education and training manual) and Throop College of Technology, before getting its current name in 1920.The vocational school was disbanded and the preparatory program which broke away to form an independent Polytechnic
Trustee Charles W. Gates and Scherer persuaded retired businessman to give $ 25,000 in seed money to build Gates Laboratory, the first science building on campus
In the 1950s and 1970s, Caltech was the home of Murray Gell-Mann and Richard Feynman, whose work is at the heart of implementation of the standard model of particle physics. Feynman was also widely known outside the physics community as an exceptional teacher and high character in unconventional colors.
Since 2000, the Einstein Papers Project has been located in the Caltech.The project was created in 1986 to co llect, preserve, translate and publish papers selected from the literary field of Albert Einstein and other collections.

Caltech enrolled 997 students

1,246 students for the 2012-2013 school year =" color: red "> women represented 38% of the license
29% of the graduate student body <. br /> 68% of non-international students from out of state
Caltech rec eived 5,537 applications for the class 2016, treated 651 11.8%
and 264 of them are registered.
The interquartile range for the first students' SAT scores was 2230-2350.
98% of rated in the top ten graduating high school students. b>
graduation rate of four years is 79%. Rate
six years is 92%, which lower than most of the leading U.S. universities, but substantially higher than it was in 1960 and 70s.Students majors STEM fields traditionally have graduation rates below 70%.

Teachers and staff:
The average salary for assistant professors at Caltech is $ 111.300, $ 121.300 associate professors and professors hold $ 172.800. [117] Caltech faculty are highly productive in the field of applied physics, astronomy and astrophysics, biology, chemistry, engineering, biology, chemistry

33% of teachers are members of the National Academy of Sciences and Engineering and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. This is the highest percentage of all the faculties in the country, with the exception of the graduate institution Rockefeller University.

Caltech place Ranked in the world in 2012-2013

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Driver Local (Elgin, IL) 3rd Shift Plant 33 career at Shaw industries, Inc in Elgin

Driver Local (Elgin, IL) 3rd Shift Plant 33 career at Shaw industries, Inc in Elgin

Shaw Industries, Inc. is currently recruiting drivers on the (Elgin, IL) 3 Factory local offset 33, Saturday, July 13, 2013 0:24:49 GMT. Post by Jobing - Shaw Industries Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world D and supplier of flooring on top with more than $ 4 billion in annual sales and about 23,000 employees? . Based in Dalton, Georgia, the company manufactures and distributes carpeting, rugs, hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile for residential and ...
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local driver (Elgin, IL) 3 factories offset 33

Location: Elgin Illinois

= high Note: Shaw, Inc. in the current recruiting local driver (Elgin, IL) 3 Factory offset 33 now, this career will be awarded in Illinois. detailed information on career opportunities specifications, please read the explanation below. Post by Jobing - Shaw Industries Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world and a leader D f?! Loor covering provider with more than $ 4 billion in annual sales and approximately 23,000 employees. Based in Dalton, Georgia, the company manufactures a nd distributes carpeting, rugs, hardwood, laminate and tile for residential and commercial applications worldwide. A recognized leader in environmental stewardship, Shaw has implemented hundreds of sustainability projects and design solutions cradle cradle, collectively called the Shaw Green Edge. We currently have an opportunity available for local pilot  " 3rd Shift Position Purpose (Elgin, IL.):. Delivery To provide courteous, quick and good products flooring. Shaw operate equipment safely and legally as directed by management. duties may include delivery and or shuttle. Must be at least 24 years age.Ability to encourage the tractor / trailer combination.
Must be able to encourage the maximum number of hours allowed by law. Able to lift at least 75 lbs., At least 50 times a day. Able to climb in and out of the thing! ka at least 50 times per day. must be able to pass DOT physical and drug screen Must
. were able to bend, kneel, and be flexible enough to inspect the tractor and trailer.Must a valid Class AA? "CDL. D.Ö.T. Must meet requirements. Trailer Photos Two years driving experience verifiable tractor in the last three years. Structure competitive compensation and benefits reflects our status Multia?" The industry is big business billions dollars. To register for a detailed job description or more information, visit our website and reference job code # 59730 on career in. Transport AA / EEO employer Section, M / F / D / V
If you qualify for this career, please send your resume with salary requirements and resume to the industry Shaw, Inc.

interested in this career, click the Apply button, you will be redirected to the official site

careers are now available at: Sat, July 13, 2013 00 : 24:49 GMT


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'Nigeria is the place God has ordained as my home' - Felicia Henderson

'Nigeria is the place God has ordained as my home' - Felicia Henderson

Felicia Henderson has a strong passion for his career, acting. So when he called a few years ago on the site for the documentary, he rushed to the place in a good mood. But the strange and surprising discovery by American Nollywood actress dampened his spirit. She wept uncontrollably when the true reality what he eats as fairy tales on his conscience. He was one of the few African Americans who could trace their roots and find appalling conditions in which their ancestors were sent to the country of the white man.
During his career, widow and mother of five children also expressed his passion for the belief that they must come first in every aspect of human life. This is the reason behind the establishment of the foundation.
Henderson has a unique training that many, especially the privileged class, will find it difficult.
And has benefited greatly from this, it has decided to provide similar training, which he said was satisfactory.
Although American Henderson Things Nigeria as his children. And he is determined to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the national film industry, Nollywood. Graduates of Allied Health and Business Management shares the story of his love for his new home, people, career and how she was able to instill entrepreneurial skills in their children at age

What you're as strong
As a child, I was very curious.? always ask me that makes a lot of trouble sometimes because I asked that children should not ask. I thought I was a normal child in a normal family. I remember as a very curious and I still want to know why it happened. I remember w hen I was about five or six years, there was a neighbor who had a dog. Pregnant dog and want to know how the puppies will come out, because I really wanted one of the puppies. Then I used to play with the dog. So I thought that if I hugged the puppy will come out. I finally pressed the dog and he bit me so hard on my cheek. That's how I got this scar on my cheek. I do not know how many points they gave me but I remember they had to put a lot of sewing needles at all. They erect needle as if a bee stung me. All this happened because I wanted to know how the puppies will come out.

Someone told me once that Americans want to know more about their origins. Have you ever tried to find out about your family tree?
I thought it was kind of a trend that people are doing DNA testing. Most people try to find their genealogy because of things like child support, or if you could do some crimes and some tests should be performed on you. But I really decided to do a DNA test because I wanted to know where I come from. I know where I'm going, in the sense that I know my mother and father are both African-American. My grandfather was like three generations of slavery. I remember that my mother told me that as a child they all go to work in the plantation had, but he did as a character builder and you get paid $ 20. But at that time my generation's turn to do so, we paid $ 20 a day the day we went. We had fun on the farm, and we find areas where we chopped cotton. We do not really know how to cut cotton, but what we do is line cotton weed control will not get stuck. With hoes, we are going to weed around, and it is hard work, even for $ 20. With that I could imagine what life is slavery because they do not have the luxury of choosing to go or not to go on the field. When my generation was our turn to do during the summer only possible for one or two weeks, we will go to court, go to the back of the truck and went to the ground. My family is very unique. My parents think that you do not like something, unless you work for it, then that's what I teach my children. I make them understand that everything they need in life, they need to work for it, because if you do not work for it, then you will not enjoy. I try to give my children the best I can give them, but give them the best I can give them, I also do work for it. They have a blackberry, they have a laptop. My son, I am very proud of him, give me first a business proposal. My oldest daughter is nineteen years, I founded my company's name, and my son is seventeen and have a business together. And they gave me their first business proposal and it is very strong. I think it was so hard because I have given them exposure. They are very active in everything I do and be involved in all aspects of my business outside the media, beyond me to be an actress. They helped to develop my training program, they give me an idea or a concept of things we need to do for young people in this country. They gave me a unique perspective on the latest trends, things still happen. Because they are young so they have always a different opinion of me. I was impressed by the proposal he gave to me and I took it to my friend who actually agreed to support.

How about interests you most about Nigeria?
I think Nigeria is the place God has ordered my home. I did not choose. It is part of me, maybe even before I was born. I remember as a child, my mother said that when I grow up, I'm going to live in Africa. At that time, I did not even know there was a place called Nigeria. We are all exposed to Africa as a continent, so I guess that countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania are part of a place. But the first time I came here I fell in love with this country. I guess these are the people, I was touched by their strength, encouragement and faith. There is so much potential here and I think if we ar e key to the development of small and medium enterprises that we are, if we can do a lot. There is a huge potential in the tourism sector if it is concentrated and packed hotels. Exercise also has great potential as naturally gifted as sportsmen and women of Nigeria. I think Nigeria will regain his crown and glory with the appropriate support. It may take a little time, but it will surely come.

How was your experience in Nigeria affect your vision of Africa?
What I tried to describe the most black people in America that my friends, is that we are all Africans, whether they like it or not. We are not Americans. I am an American because my ancestors were from the country. So what I can say is that all those who come into a country which come with a choice unless a majority of black people were forced to because they have been sold. Someone thought they were inferior. They are made and sold, chained and commandeered it. Some survived, oth ers did not. They were not thrown from the boat into the sea I do not know the story until I arrive in Nigeria. During my first production that I've done in this country, I was asked to come to banditry. They took me to a place called the point of no return, where I saw the remnants of slavery and for the first time, I cried on television. It was not, I shed tears because I've never seen where my ancestors came from, I will never understand what they are going through. Yes, I have heard stories about the slaves had been through, but they are a wonderful story because of where we are. Then it was like a fairy tale, some people brought to our country, but when I go to Badagry and really see what it was like before they get into the boat, when I saw how they were packed like sardines boat, I wondered how people could survive. When I saw they were chained, they channel the neck and feet and dragged themselves: if a person can not or are too weak to make other people suffer. I fe lt something in me that I did not know my own grandfather or great, great grandfather would go through something like that. And how are they strong survived this long journey? I still feel a lot of black Americans understand and think they have come that they may know.

role do you play in a movie that takes you to the Badagry?
This is not a movie, this is what we call a trip. It was more like a documentary. We do it for a telecommunications company and in so doing, I was traveling around Lagos and surrounding telecommunications show that this gadget can do, but because I also discovered that Lagos has a rich environment. I can see the first multi-storey building in which the first Bible was transcribed in Yoruba. But nothing touched me like the point of no return.

How do you find your way into the Nigerian film industry?
I came into Nollywood by friends. I have many friends who have encouraged me and beli eved in my talent. It turns out they were right. The camera loves me and I love it. I'm also a bit in the industry in the United States in the sense that I modeled and did some voice work and so on.

Tell us about your first job .
My first job is called the new path is done with Nokia Venture Apreel. It was my baptism in the Nigerian film industry. After that, I Tinsel. This is an African-American history who falls for one of the characters he met online. Characters actually using other people's photos, it's a tough story, I would not say a case of mistaken identity, but that still leaves the identity. But because I was so Afro-centric been in America, I come all the way to Nigeria only to discover he is not the person in the picture, but it's someone else.

In addition to these films, what other films that participated?
I participated in the spider, a television show, in which I play with my son Sash ay real life Tevon, play Alex. My husband Femi Branch in the show, I think I did two seasons, I'm not sure .. I'm also on Troubled Waters. I played Aunt Violet, a househelp. Aunt Violet is not a Nigerian. I think it was a Trinity, but he lived in Nigeria and is married to a Nigerian, but something happened and they were separated. So she now lives with a friend. Because he stayed with a friend and help around the house, she became Aunt Violet not househelp. Then, there are two sides of the coin, where I play the main character. My husband was Akin Lewis. This film tells the story of our family and the driver of the family. This story shows that, because you have money does not mean you have the best things in life. In the meantime, I thought I would give my children the best of everything and my husband thought it gave them the best of everything. But they do not really give us what we want because we gave them everything. And there was this family, which almost did not have enough, but having a child is responsible. But for me, I do not see it and there is a problem because my daughter fell in love with their children, so it is always shouted password (laughs).

looking at the role that you have played so far in all the movies you've participated in, would you have at least one case in which you are playing similar to what is your role in real life?
I think all my characters are like me in one way or another. The wonderful thing about acting is that it is the work of an actor or actress "to ensure that they appear natural. And for me, the way I work in the morning when I read my character would be a character that works for me.

strong history of sexual harassment is still spoken in the film industry. Are you a victim of sexual abuse since he joined the industry?
No, because I am a no nonsense guy, I do not leave room for it. I know it is there, but because of the people with whom I worked, I was lucky not to come across.

strong between different production sites that you participated in that could tell you the hardest?
I thought it was both sides of the coin. My character is a bit difficult because I had to explore my emotions are not usually encountered. It is a bit annoying this season. I'm usually very cool and rational. I do not get angry easily so difficult to lock in emotion. Her name is Teresa by the way.

strong What do you do apart from acting?
I have my own business and I was in the media, such as cameras and I love the camera. I do not consider myself a celebrity. I'm just a woman who has a career in this field, I have never studied Theatre Arts. Some other things I do? I'm human, I have an NGO and I do a lot of things that are trying to develop Nigeria on humanitarian needs, such as giving back to the community. In Nigeria, we have become so immersed in the daily struggles of life on the day, we forgot the people because we do not think about money. This is the only way we see our problems, when in fact these are the people who will solve our problems. We forget that money is made by the people. You can not do anything without people, you can not survive without people. The people in your company, your staff people, they are your target audience. But because of the hunger and frustration, all we see is money. We do not realize that sometimes you have to plant the seeds before harvesting. These are the people that you are planting seeds that will now take the money. They might be a staff that you hire or who you give your customers the value of what they buy from you.

What is your vision for Nigeria given the current situation in the country
Well, this is my dream to help develop the country? I want to see a better Nigeria for the next generation. Because I believe that this country belo ngs to the children and my grandchildren and my grandchildren, I had to create a legacy for them to return to. Currently, my children actually in the state. Although things are not perfect in Nigeria, each state has a time like this. And when Nigeria grow and it would be better. Nigeria will be better there, but only if we make hard choices, we made a difficult decision. And we accept that it is not always easy.
you think how young people can contribute to the effort to bring Nigeria to the next level?
First, it does not begin with the young, it starts with people like me. You said that I was still young, but I think because of my age and my level and what I've seen in my life, I can not be classified as a young man. It is for me to take people under me who do not see what I see and educate them, talk with them, guide them, give them something to believe and hope and that's exactly what I have done. I have two television shows, one is all about empowering and i nspiring our young people, I have created a platform for them. I created a platform for them is a level, another level of self-regulation. When they see and learn, they will now communicate to those who are younger than them. Is
Many expressed the view that Nigerian women are marginalized. What is your opinion?
What I think is that everywhere in the world are the same woman. I do not think women are marginalized. Religion tells us that man is the head of the family and she was his maid. Religion, no man is more powerful than women and women are stronger than men, we complement each other. Some religions even say that a woman has a certain amount of knowledge and a man has a number of levels, but only until you get married you fill. It's the same thing as saying the man is the head and the woman's body. You can not have a head without a body and the head can not live without the body.

One Governor, 2 Speakers, 3 Maces

One Governor, 2 Speakers, 3 Maces

With a governor, two speakers of the House of Representatives and all three clubs compete for supremacy, a political crisis that erupted in the chapter of the Rivers State People's Democratic Party (PDP) a few months ago, is fast becoming a degeneration of garden and once quiet town in a theater of the absurd .
power struggle within the party and made several victims were still expected. Remember that the former chairman of the state party, Chief GU Ake, was dismissed by the court based in Abuja, led by Justice Ishaq Bello, Monday, April 15, 2013.
The judge in this case determined by the Chief Felix Obuah, confirmed that (Obuah) and E xco state is authentic and selected executives of the PDP in Rivers State. The crisis has also been the chairman of the local government area of ​​the most viable in the state,
suspended by the Assembly of the State alleged financial irregularities. /> An interim committee was appointed, under the direction of Chikaodi Dike. But Friday, May 3, 2013, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu Mbu, acting on the orders of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, was also given to the police, who raided Obio / Akpor LGA Secretariat in Rumuodomaya, Chairman of the Interim Committee of the fire and his team.
After the Interim Committee of the bag, the Nigerian police became the owner and occupying the Secretariat to date. Crisis still engraved with the suspension of five anti-Amaechi MPs: The Honourable Evans Bapakaye bipi, Ogu / Bolo Constituency, Hon Victor Ihunwo, Phalga III Hon Martin s Amaewhule, Obio / Akpor I, The Honourable Michael Chinda obio / Akpor II, and the Hon. Kelechi Nwogu, Omuma district, 27 members of Parliament by pro-Amaechi. It was followed by the suspension of 27 members of the pro-Amaechi parliament, and later, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, led by Felix Obuah state
The political crisis, rightly or wrongly, that is caused by the ambition of the vice-president would Amaechi in 2015. State was literally put on an even great achievements under the threat of state government stand. It is not disputed that one of the successes of Governor Amaechi is the restoration of security in the state that was once under siege by armed militants and lost. The government has spent so much on safety and the results were favorable. But the crisis has threatened the peace enjoyed by the citizens, especially after militants surrendered their weapons and accepted the amnesty granted to them by the federal government.
As things are now, the "bad boys" emerged from the blues, pending that will commit to do odd jobs, even beans. State crisis has undoubtedly provided a platform for the 'kids' to boldly go out to cause problems. Some of them even hired to take an anti-Amaechi recently in Port Harcourt.
involvement of former activists became public Tuesday, July 9, 2013, when five members are Amaechi anti-parliamentary force in the House of Assembly of the State, in order to attack the President, Rt. Otelemaba D. Amachree. Amnesty identity card found even in one of those arrested by the police. Rivers are not native now regrets that some politicians to bring them back to the dark days of militancy. Also on Tuesday, when lawmakers from accessing anti-Amaechi in the House of Assembly, they were "appointed" Evans bipi, the election by majority vote, that the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Among other things, bipi quickly announced the cancellation of 15 of the 27 members of the pro-Amae chi parliament. What played at River House of Assembly, in which five members of the House deferred to the President "impeachment", calls for a question, where in the indictment of Nigerian constitution elected political office holders. At least, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria does not specify how the chosen occupation in the country position could be removed from office. Furthermore quirks five members trying to remove all speakers supported by 27 members, Rivers State crisis has also produced three masses in the Assembly of the State. There is confusion now, well, who is in possession of the original mass, genuine or real, a symbol of the authority of the House.
Some people argue that the mass, which is used by the group bipi is false. The other is the view that is used by Chidi Lloyd, head grinding Honor Michael Chinda, representing Obio / Akpor constituency II is false. However, some people claim that the original mass taken and fixed by the G overnor Chibuike Amaechi when he stormed the Assembly complex with security details, the hubbub of the heat.
Honourable Evans says bipi and Rivers PDP leadership, it also means that the Rivers House of Assembly now has two speakers, a fake and authentic. Said that the current efforts to determine who is actually in possession of the original mass three masses currently circulating in the state.
What is also worrying is the role of the police in the whole saga. The police are supposed to be neutral, apolitical and fair to all, seem to take sides. Role of the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu Mbu still hit the suspect.
In fact, he came out to deny that he has taken the lead in Abuja, Amaechi to destabilize the government, he and his officers are however a point to do otherwise. It is on record that
Another anomie is open involvement in the crisis of the police who took part in the war among politicians. They were joined by their politicians attached to engage in fisticuffs with their opponents. In the State Assembly on Tuesday, a police officer threatened to kill her if she continues to challenge the policy, it is attached. Police Commissioner of the surprise of many when he said that the 27-member parliament reconvened on Tuesday in order to adopt a resolution for his reinstatement. It is no less a political statement. Mbu is really an agent of the political police, because he was accused of?
We also wondered why the Minister of State for Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, the central character of the crisis has threatened to launch a peaceful protest if the IG went ahead to move the region the CP River. As things are still terrible and only time will tell how to dance it will end.